Everyone should have a primary care provider

What a primary care provider can do for you

Primary care provider in Germantown, MDA primary care provider is someone who can provide basic medical care, perform annual physicals, coordinate care and refer you to a specialist if necessary, and take steps to deal with minor health problems before they develop into life-threatening illnesses.

A good primary care provider should offer many services at extended hours. This should include urgent medical care, basic wellness exams and whatever sort of vaccination you may need. The provider should be able to diagnose and treat skin disorders and any long-term health problems you may suffer from. Among the medical tests your provider should be able to perform are the ECHO, EKG and stress tests, which check the health of your heart, and pulmonary function tests, which check the health of your lungs. Other tests your provider should be able to manage are breast exams, Pap smears and prostate exams. Your provider should also be able to help you with family planning, including pregnancy tests. He or she should also be someone you can discuss STDs with, just in case.

Everybody in Germantown, MD needs this kind of medical service. The person who provides you with it does not necessarily need to be a doctor — he or she can also be a physician assistant or nurse practitioner — but he or she needs to be able to respond quickly to requests for help or an appointment.

In addition to annual physicals, the provider should offer specialized physicals for students going back to school, students going to college, and athletes beginning a new year of sports. Look for a primary care facility with its own clinical laboratory. If you ever need lab work done, you will be able to have the work done and get the results much faster.

Best primary care provider in Germantown, MD

The best primary care provider in the Germantown area is Germantown Primary Care Associates, serving patients in Montgomery County, Germantown, Gaithersburg and Hyattstown. Dr. Manbir Takhar, the Chief Medical Officer, was recently named one of the TOP doctors of 2015. Their clinical laboratory exceeds the standards set by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

When going there for the first time, be sure to bring your insurance card and a picture ID. You should also bring a list of whatever medications you take, along with the dosage of these medications. Also bring any recent test results you have received from other physicians, and whatever other information you think may be useful to them. Download a copy of the registration form from their Web site for your first visit. This will speed up the process of checking in. You will not need to do this for later visits. Make an appointment at Germantown Primary Care Associates today.