Take charge of your health with a pre-college physical exam

Get a pre-college physical exam

Pre-college physical exam in Germantown, MDIf you are going to a new university or college at the start of the year, you should know that many students are required to take a pre-college physical exam before enrolling. In any case, this is a good idea. As a first step in the process of taking charge of your own health, you should learn your current health status and find out about any medical problems that may affect you. If your family has a regular doctor, that is where you should go. If not, you should go to a primary care facility

A pre-college physical exam looks at your medical history as well as your current health. Here are some of the things you should be ready for:

  • The physical examination. This usually involves checking the abdomen, heart, lungs, breasts, neck, throat, nose, eyes, ears and skin, and measuring height, weight and blood pressure. Bring your medical history, so the doctor can read through it. Joints and muscles may also be examined.
  • Immunizations. Be sure to bring records of all immunizations you have had. You may need booster shots, a meningitis shot or an annual flu shot.
  • Health and lifestyle counseling. This part comes after the results of the other exams. The doctor will talk to you about your health issues, how to stay healthy on campus and what dangers to avoid.
  • Lab tests. These do not always happen. Common tests include Pap smears, cholesterol tests, and tests for thyroid problems, tuberculosis, anemia and STDs.
  • Transition of care and insurance issues. Transition of care simply means you take care of yourself now. Start by packing a personal medical kit with pain relievers, bandages, cold and hot packs, cough medicine, wound cream, a thermometer and whatever medicine you normally take. Find out if you are still covered by the same insurance policy as your parents.

Where to get one in Germantown

The best place to get a pre-college physical exam in the Germantown area is Germantown Primary Care Associates, serving patients in Montgomery County, Germantown, Gaithersburg and Hyattstown. Dr. Manbir Takhar is the Chief Medical Officer. If they do not have room in their schedules, they will be happy to point you to their sister unit next door, Medical Access. Bring your insurance card and a picture ID. You should also bring a list of whatever medications you take along with the dosage, any recent test results you may have gotten from other physicians, and any other information that might be useful. Download a copy of the registration form from their Web site for your first visit to speed up the process of checking in. Make an appointment today.